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eOn Electrical provides Eco smart Electricians who have been professionally trained in energy efficient products, technologies and installations and are fully qualified to assist you in reducing your usage, saving you money and play a small role in helping the environment. eOn will be able to provide you with a full power consumption audit and cost savings.


EcoSmart Electricians Example of payback schemes

  • The Coles Supermarket group now saves $1,000,000 annually after implementation of new Lighting system. The Payback period is less than two years.
  • Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd is Saving $22,000 per annum since upgrading their cooling system to use Variable speed dire control. The payback period is 1.2 years.
  • Since upgrading a number of compressed air systems, holden Engine Operations is saving $380,000 per annum at its port Melbourne manufacturing complex. The payback period is less than two years.


Greenhouse gas emissions

  • While Australia’s share of world emissions was 1.5 per cent in 2005, Australia has the world’s highest greenhouse gas emissions per person at 26.7 t CO2
  • This is four times the world average, twice the average level for OECD countries (13.4 t CO-e) and 25% higher than the emissions per person in the USA (21.2 t CO-e)


Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs)

  • ESCs are produced under the New South Wales government’s energy saving scheme (ESS) which commenced in July . The scheme provides financial incentives for owners or tenants of the commercial premises to retrofit their premises with a range of approved energy efficiency products, including energy efficient lighting
  • Your commercial lighting will be eligible for ESC creation. The quantity of certificates each installation can produce varies, depending on the size and nature of your system and its typical patterns of operation


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eOn will beable to provide you with a full audit on current power consumption and possible savings.