There are frequently asked questions about what is included in domestic installations.  Here are some answers to questions that frequently arise:

  • New Wiring Installations – New wiring for your home and other domestic buildings includescomplete electrical wiring to all buildings, renovations or existing dwellings. We can wire your home as it is being built if it’s a new home, or rewire your existing building to connect to the solar devices.  eOn Electrical can provide a home or office inspection and provide a quote as to give you the best advice on what you might or might not need. In keeping with our mission to provide the best service, we will never try to needlessly up-sell you.
  • Alterations, Additions and Repairs – Needing something moved or changed, like a new power point in the lounge or a move for the Television aerial point to another location? No job is too small for us.  We ensure that customer satisfaction is reached.  Your home is after all, your castle and your needs are paramount.
  • Safety switches New laws require that safety switches be installed on new and upgraded installations.  These switches are designed to protect you and your family against electrocution from Active to Earth faults, which are the most common form of electricity fatality. They are not a simple fuse or circuit breaker and are designed to save lives. They will also increase the value of your home and may decrease your home owner’s insurance premiums.
  • Lighting & Power – With just a little bit of planning, you can meet all your electrical requirements without blowing the budget. We provide solar access to every electrical need you have in your dwelling. Things like down lights (with fire shields) are supplied and installed. New power points suitable for every room in the house and every type of appliance can be supplied and installed. We can see to fans in each bedroom as well as exhaust fans in the Kitchen.  We also do outdoor power points for everything from a spa filter to basic outlets for garden use. There is no power source or need, above ground or underground, which we are not familiar with.


eOn Electrical is involved in hundreds of new installations per year and a countless number of renovations, re-wires and upgrades, making homes renewable and energy efficient. We work on new buildings and renovation projects.  No dwelling is too old to be converted to solar power.

Whether your need is as small as a power point being installed, or you are building a development of 100 homes in 100 days; Perhaps you simply want the focus and attention that is required to build your energy efficient and earth friendly dream home. eOn Electrical is ready to be your partner in whatever project you are undertaking.  We are your domestic specialists.