About CEC

Clean-Energy-Council-LogoThe Clean Energy Council is the peak body representing Australia’s clean energy sector. It is an industry association made up of more than 600 member companies operating in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The CEC’s members are involved in the development or deployment of clean energy technologies such as bioenergy, cogeneration, energy efficiency, geothermal, hydro, solar, solar hot water, marine energy and wind.

The CEC is an incorporated not-for-profit association which is based in Melbourne and operates nationally. It is funded principally by membership fees, with additional income generated by events and activities such as industry accreditation programs.

It provides a variety of services to members but its primary role is to develop and advocate effective policy to accelerate the development and deployment of all clean energy technologies. The CEC also promotes awareness of the industry, thought leadership and clean energy business opportunities through industry events, meetings, newsletters, directorates and the media.

The CEC reports to a 9-person board elected by its members. The board advises on the organisation’s strategic direction and financial management.

The CEC’s policy and advocacy work is guided by a committee, comprising a representative of each sponsoring member and the chair of each directorate. The Policy and Advocacy committee reports to the board.


The CEC operates directorates consisting of representatives from member companies to advise the council on policy and industry development issues in specific areas of the clean energy industry. These directorates include:

  • Bioenergy
  • Commercial/utility PV
  • Emerging technologies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Grid
  • Hydro
  • International policy
  • Domestic PV
  • Solar thermal
  • Solar hot water/heat pump
  • Wind

Membership benefits of the Clean Energy Council

Members of the CEC receive the following benefits:

  • Advocacy on their behalf to governments to drive policies that accelerate development of the industry
  • Invitations to member-only events organised by the CEC
  • The opportunity to participate in industry development programs
  • Briefings on market and regulatory developments affecting the industry
  • Access to the latest information on government policies and programs, which in many cases have been developed with input from the CEC
  • Advice on the latest regulatory and market issues that will affect project development and operations
  • Daily media updates

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About NECA

1408158965941_NECAMEMBERLogoMASTER-938x704The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) is the national voice of the electrotechnology contracting industry. NECA is the only association that represents the interests of electrical and communications contractors Australia-wide, from employers and business people to technicians.

NECA’s services are tailored to the unique needs of contractors working in the electrotechnology industry. We save members time and money by providing timely information, advice and practical tools to make business easier, safer and more cost-effective. More than 5,000 members across Australia now recognise and enjoy the benefits of membership of NECA.

With offices in every state, NECA employs specialists in industrial relations, occupational health and safety, management, education and training, human resources and technology who are on-hand to offer advice on a range of topics and provide representation and support in industrial relations matters. NECA has representatives on many Standards Australia technical committees and is also a registered organisation in federal and state industrial jurisdictions.

The Association actively represents the needs and entitlements of contractors at all levels of government and industry, ensuring members’ needs are heard. We regularly provide our national member base with up-to-date industry-relevant information including current training, occupational health and safety, industrial and legislative requirements.

NECA employs more than 2,000 apprentices in joint Group Training Companies.

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About EcoSmart

The EcoSmart Electricians Programs is an innovative program comprising of a national training and accreditation program for electricians in the rapidly growing market of energy efficiency.

The program is specifically designed to provide a broad understanding of the concepts of energy efficiency utilizing modern technology and products.

Once training is complete each participating electrician is provided with a nationally recognized certification.

An accreditation system for contractors recognizes the contractor and enables them to promote their knowledge and training as a unique selling point to their customers.

So what’s covered in the training and how does that benefit you?

  • Energy management
  • Lighting, pumps, fans and motors
  • Solar generation systems
  • Heating and Cooling

Consumers are well aware of the increases in electricity prices over the past few years. They are also very aware of the need for us to collectively reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we are emitting into the atmosphere.

An EcoSmart Electrician can help you save money, become more energy efficient, reduce your carbon footprint and play your part in helping the environment.

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