At eOn Electrical we understand how critical it is to have your most important equipment working at peak performance. We know the overwhelming frustration and the work that is at stake when things break down.

eOn Electrical is here to help when you need an immediate response, quality workmanship and friendly advice.

The needs of specialized industry companies are wide and varied. Whether your business specializes in agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing & assembly or mining, eOn Electrical will soon become your electrical contractor of choice. Our highly experienced and ethical teams across the nation ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant. We want you to never worry about system outages.

We know that maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure your workplace is safe and operating at maximum efficiency. Because of this, we ensure our contractors are up to date with current Health & Safety practices.  We will work to ensure that all sites are safe before proceeding with any work.

This industry is a fast paced and ever changing one.  Technology moves fast and eOn Electrical is constantly training in new technologies we are happy to provide any advice on the next big thing in your industry. Whether it’s new installations, designing a solution, or programmed facilities maintenance, one call to Laser Electrical is all you need.  You can cut out the many different agencies and get all your needs met with our  “Totally Dependable” service.  We stand behind it as we stand behind each of our clients.


Our industrial services include:

  • Automation & Control, Motors & Machinery for instillations and beyond.
  • Dust & Ignition Proof (DIP), Hazardous Locations managed.
  • Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance, Installations & Project Management all with one service agency.
  • Emergency Service, Fault Finding and Repairs. We have a 24 hour call centre, we will make sure we get to your business as soon as possible.
  • Lighting Design, Exit, Emergency, Specialized & General Lighting, making sure your customers and staff can find their way.
  • Energy Efficiency, Power Factor Correction, Solar, Surge & Lighting Protection so your electronics won’t be damaged.
  • Thermal Graphic Scanning, Switchboard Labelling, Circuit Tracing & Identification to keep your business running smoothly and to help with training newly hired workers.
  • Data and Communication, Audio & Visual services. In this new era of technological commuting, we will keep you connected to everyone you need to be connected to.

If the service you require is not listed, please contact us.