Quality Solar and Electrical Solutions


eOn Electrical delivers and installs sustainable energy solutions to homes, neighbourhoods, offices, factories and beyond.  We are a company committed to a quality approach, with a personal touch – to our customers, employees, systems and products. As a NECA member, Eco Smart Electricians eOn Electrical prides itself on being one of NSW’s leading electrical and solar contractors in Australia.  This is a fast moving and ever changing field with new technologies being implemented regularly.  eOn is excited to be able to bring solar energy to all their clients big and small.  At eOn we work to stay ahead of the curve making sure our customers have the newest and best in solar energy sources.  How energy is being delivered and what resources are being used is fast changing and we are excited to be a part of your solar experience.


Why you should install a Solar panel System.


The solar power systems we use work for Sydney and NSW clients by removing their reliance on the local electricity grid. Connection to the grid is still possible, but as a Solar Panel System owner, you will be benefitting instead of the electrical provider.  When you have generated extra electricity, it goes into the grid and you get paid.  This means you can save money and help the planet at the same time. The investment you make installing solar panels will result in a lifetime of dividends for your home or business. After covering the extra cost for solar panels installation, these fixtures will pay themselves back over time. By placing our solar panels around Sydney and NSW, we have helped clients reduce their carbon footprint and lower their utility bills simultaneously.

By using energy monitoring devices we can design & recommend an appropriate system to suit your household needs. This personalized service ensures you get exactly what you need and aren’t overinvesting.  We want you happy!


Specializing in solar panels across all sectors.


Aside from residential solar power systems, one of our major specialties is designing and installing PV systems for commercial settings. Switching to solar energy will do more than just reduce your corporate expenses – it will also strengthen your brand by showing the public you are ready to commit to a greener business model. With so many customers making conscious, educated choices nowadays, a business which can state they are self supporting in the power sector will stand out over one that cannot.  In addition, the savings on energy can be passed on to clients making your business more competitive.